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Purple Kumara Powder
(Purple Sweet Potato Powder)

  • Rich in Anthocyanidin (what makes the purple colour)
  • No artificial colours, no flavours, no preservatives or
  • Gluten free, Allergen free
  • Halal suitable
  • Non-GM
  • Manufactured under the facilities and management
    of HACCP System

Description Deep purple coloured coarse flakes/powder
Ingredient Purple Kumara (100%)
Coarse Mesh 40–60 mesh, 100 mesh
Moisture Content Less than 13%
Product Code KKPP
Packaging 10Kg
Shelf Life 24 months
Storage Keep at a cool and dry place

Purple Kumara Powder is made of 100% dehydrated fresh purple kumara. It retains most of the nutritional value of fresh purple kumara, a good choice or today’s healthy eating lifestyle; It can be used for a wide range of bakery mixes, cakes, desserts or for drinks.

Percentage of usage

As a guideline, adding 20%-30% Purple Kumara Powder will achieve a medium tone of bright purple colour. Depending your preference, you can add more or less, e.g. 10% will deliver a very pretty pinkish purple, while 40%-50% will achieve a rich and deep purple.


For making drink: dissolve Purple Kumara Powder in warm water, before mixing with other ingredients;

For making dough: mix Purple Kumara Powder with other dry flour/powder before adding water and mixing

How to preserve the purple colour

Purple Kumara Powder is very sensitive to pH level and heat. Here are a few tips that may be help for you:

  • Acidity helps Purple Kumara Powder to boost its bright purple. It maintains its bright colour at a slightly acidic condition. i.e. pH5.5 or lower. Anything acidic, e.g. yoghurt, tomato, or a few drops of lemon juice, can enhance its colour.
    Alkaline makes it blue. If you don’t like blue in your food, avoid using metal cooking ware. Even tap water (pH6.5) is too high in alkaline. (boiling tap water for 5-10min will improve.)
  • Be sensible with heating in cooking process, as prolonged heating will reduce the natural brightness of the purple kumara powder.
  • Adding Sodium Erythorbate is recommended, as a natural colour preservative.