Our Differences

Our products are much healthier.

We use an innovative low temperature cooking technique to produce a unique kumara-sweet potato chip that retains more of natural nutritional value of the Kumara.

There are many benefits to choose Sunny Hill Kumara Chips, rich in Beta Carotene, high in dietary fibre, a good source of Vitamin A, plus iron, calcium. Best of all, they are lowest in fat compared to most of other snack chips. For those who need to be free from gluten, nuts, soy, or anything artificial, these chips are also safe for you.

Low temperature cooking not only retains more of kumara natural nutritional value but also helps to preserve the natural colour and taste of kumara. Plus, we use a centrifugal oil removal process which effectively gets rid of excessive oil residue, making sure Sunny Hill Kumara Chips are light and crisp, a healthier alternative to traditional snack chips.

This results much more of the natural goodness of fresh kumara-sweet potato kept in our chips, and far less fat content left.

You can tell the differences by the look: our chips are bright yellow, they keep the natural colour of the fresh material, because the low temperature cooking doesn’t burn the carbohydrates into dark brown colour like most other brands’ do.

You can tell the differences by touching it: it doesn’t grease your finger, leave very little oil residual. In fact, our kumara- sweet potato chips contain lest fat among all the fried snack chips of leading brands.

You can tell the differences by the taste: our kumara-sweet potato chips are much lighter and crispy, with mild natural sweetness. It’s a pure pleasure to enjoy, just like what your expected from a natural product.

We are proud in providing consumers with products that are nutritiously tasty and guilt-free.