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Kumara Chips Original 120g

  • Less Fat*
  • B Carotene
  • Dietary Fibre
  • Gluten and Nut Free
  • No Artificial Flavours or Colours
  • No Preservatives
* Minimum 25% less fat compared to common potato chips.
Flavour seasoning contains dairy product.
The Original preserves the natural flavour of kumara-sweet potato. With only a hint of salt for your taste buds, it delivers the total satisfaction of enjoying the nutritional benefits that mother nature offers.

Sunny Hill Kumara Chips are sliced with skin on at their freshest, pot-cooked in small batches to create full flavoured chips with a traditional touch. The low temperature gentle slow cooking process retains more of the kumara’s natural value and great kumara taste. Every pack of Chips is flushed with nitrogen to preserve the freshness and the flavour. The result is obvious. Sunny Hill Kumara Chips are lightly crispy and uniquely tasty, a much healthier snack choice for consumers’ healthy lifestyle. 

“Once tried, you’ll love it!”

“Best way to watch the Abs playing.” – Lianne

“Wow these gluten free kumara chips were a hit after school…for the kiids and Poppa! Will by again for sure, thanks.” – Justine

“These were amazing, thank you! “– Tracey
“Yummy snack for after school. We love Sunny Hill Kumara Chips.” – Ebony

“The coeliac would love these for college lunches.” – Tina