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  • 50g Net Sachet
  • 100% Natural
  • Hi in Dietary Fibre
  • Gluten Free
  • GM Free
  • No Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours or Artificial Preservatives
  • Halal Suitable
Just add hot water and whisk, a smooth gourmet style kumara mash will be ready for serving in seconds.
Treat yourself or your family wherever you go with this delicious Sunny Hill Kumara Mash full of natural goodness.

Proudly made in New Zealand with Kiwi ingenuity, Instant Kumara Mash is a nutrition rich, gourmet style instant meal you can enjoy anywhere, anytime and at any occasion. Just add hot-boiling water and whisk, a smooth gourmet style kumara mash, full of natural goodness, will be ready for serving in seconds.

The Instant Kumara Mash is enriched with milk and has a delicious natural flavour. It tastes great by itself and will compliment foods on your existing menu. This versatile product can be flavoured, garnished or used to create new dishes of your imagination.

Sunny Hill Instant Kumara Mash comes as dry powder in a re-sealable pack. It can be conveniently stored at room temperature eliminating the preparation hassle associated with fresh kumara and seasonal change of availability.

Everyone loved this. We bought some and have shoved it in the baby bag as emergency food for the oops I forgot the baby food moments.

Great product. Don’t normally look at dried vege as being gluten free and most things not we have to cook from scratch. Great to have in pantry or for my son to have out.

Thought this was a lot like baby food so gave it to the kids to eat and they didn’t really mind. Would still prefer real kumara but seeing as the price is ever increasing for fresh maybe good to have this on hand to put on top of pies! Or emergency kids dinners!

I’ve been looking for a kumara or pumpkin mash for so long!!! I was stoked to find it in my black box. It’s a godsend. Making vege pizza’s with a mash base instead of tomato just became so much easier.