Why are Sunny Hill Kumara Chips ‘a healthier choice?’

Sunny Hill Kumara Chips are a healthier alternative to traditional potato snack chips for many reasons. Firstly, Sunny Hill Kumara Chips retain much of the nutritional value of the fresh Kumara, thanks to our innovative lower temperature cooking technology.

Sunny Hill Kumara Chips are a source of

  • NBeta Carotene (Vitamin A)
  • NDietary Fibre
  • NVitamin C
  • NIron and Calcium

Another critical factor is fat content. Sunny Hill Kumara Chips contain a minimum of 25% less fat compared to common potato snack chips.

Also, importantly we do not use unhealthy chemical anti-oxidations preservatives, which many other snack chip producers use. Instead, we flush every pack of our chips with nitrogen gas to keep the products inside the package as fresh and tasty as they were freshly cooked.

Our chips are gluten free and trans-fat free and free from many unwanted stuffs like artificial colours or flavours.
That is why we proudly say Sunny Hill kumara potato chips are a healthier choice.

That’s why Sunny Hill products are ‘Naturally Tasty and Much Healthier’.

How much dietary fibre in your kumara chips?

Sunny Hill Kumara Chips have 9.7g dietary fibre per 100g, or 3.9g dietary fibre per 40g serving, equal to 13% of average daily intake need of an adult.

Why do Sunny Hill Kumara Chips contain minimum 25% less fat than regular potato chips?

We are able to keep the fat content of Sunny Hill Kumara Chips low primarily by using an innovative low temperature cooking technology and undergoing a vigorous de-oiling process before the products are packed. That is why Sunny Hill Kumara Chips contain (on average) 25% less fat than almost all the traditional potato and other snack chips. You can tell it immediately by pick up the chis and feel less greasy than potato chips.

Low temperature frying also allows for the retention of the kumara’s natural nutritional value and flavour, which would mostly be destroyed by traditional deep-fat-frying.

How much Purple Kumara Powder shall I add to achieve a perfect purple colour?

As a guideline, adding 20%-30% Purple Kumara Powder will achieve a medium bright purple tone in your dough for baking.

Depending your preference, you can vary the amount Purple Kumara Powder, e.g. 10% will deliver a light pinkish purple, while 40%-50% will achieve a rich and deep purple.

For making drinks or ice creams, 5%-10% Purple Kumara Powder may be enough to create a delicate pinkish tone that looks pleasant and enticing.

Does Orange Kumara Powder taste sweeter and contain more flavour?

A simple answer is No. The Yellow Kumara Powder does not contain more sugar, nor with more flavour. It is very much the same as the white kumara powder, because its yellow/orange appearance comes from natural colours (extracts of turmeric and paprika). The Yellow Kumara Powder is slightly more expensive and is used mainly for coloured products.

Are your chips cooked in palm oil? If so, why not cook them in sunflower oil and save the rainforest?

We cook some of our chips with high quality sustainable palm oil. Contrary to many people’s perception, sustainably cultivated and produced palm oil protects rainforest, because it requires far less land than sunflower oil does, much environmentally friendlier.

Where are Sunny Hill Products developed in?

All Sunny Hill products were developed in New Zealand by our nutrition specialists and food technology engineers. We listen to consumers’ demand, identify gaps in the market and constantly innovate new product to meet the consumers’ expectations.

We developed an innovative low temperature cooking technology and succeeded in making crisp, low-fat kumara chips, much healthier than all the traditional snack chips. We were the first who launched kumara chips in New Zealand mass markets.

We developed and produced the world first Instant Kumara Mash, a gourmet style nutrient rich dish that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time, for dinning in or going out.

We constantly improve our kumara-sweet potato products and other innovative healthy foods. Just look out for more new products, more variants coming out under Sunny Hill brand.

Where are Sunny Hill products made from?

Sunny Hill products are made both in New Zealand and from offshore, depending on availability of fresh material and ingredients required for each product at certain time of the year.

Currently, as the machinery required by the technology for making our kumara chips is unavailable in New Zealand, Sunny Hill snack kumara chips are manufactured in China. As a New Zealand owned and operated company, our goal is to eventually have enough sales to justify building a production facility in New Zealand and to continue our production for Kiwi consumers and people around the world.

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